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Our Doctors

doctoreDr. Maurice Vivarini


Dr Maurice Vivarini has an interest in cardiology, emergency medicine, aged care and has been providing a service to our community for a number of years.

He supports ongoing medical education and is actively involved in teaching undergraduate medical students, having an affiliation with the University of Melbourne Medical School.

Dr Vivarini is a RACGP accredited supervisor for GP registrars with EVGPT.

doctoreDr Ken Chan


Dr Ken Chan graduated from Medicine at University of Melbourne in 2000. He worked at several hospitals in various medical areas and went on to obtain his Fellowship in General Practice. Dr Chan has been working as a GP since 2005 and enjoys the wide range of challenges it brings. He is a father of two lovely girls and when not at work he likes being a spectator in sports and almost anything with four wheels. He shares many things in common with people in general- he loves Fridays.

Dr Chan is a RACGP accredited supervisor for GP registrars with EVGPT

doctoreDr Carolyn O’Shea


Dr Carolyn O’Shea started at Greensborough Road Surgery in 2003 and obtained her Fellowship of the RACGP in 2004. She enjoys the variety of general practice and the surprises each day brings. She usually is available on Tuesdays all day and Thursday afternoons. As well as clinical work, she also has interests in medical education and in medical editing.

doctoreDr Kathryn Robertson


Dr Kathryn Robertson has been a long term GP in the area. She has been at Greensborough Road Surgery since 2008. This has afforded Kathryn the opportunity to strive towards providing whole person, continuity of care for her patients, and develop strong connections within the community.

Kathryn was a Senior Lecturer at Melbourne University for nearly 20 years and currently provides workshops to Doctors, Nurses and other Health Care providers throughout Australia, New Zealand and South-East Asia.

As well as spending time with her family, Kathryn is an avid quilter and teaches patchwork and quilting in her spare time.

doctoreDr Vijay Karna


Dr Vijay Karna joined Greensborough Road Surgery in 2008 having already practiced in the area for 20 years. He enjoys all facets of General practice but has a special interest in Travel Medicine for which he is a Yellow fever immunization provider. He is also a shared care Maternity provider for pregnant women and holds a diploma of Obstetrics and Gynaecology.

doctoreDr Wilson Fung


Dr Wilson Fung commenced practice at Greensborough Road Surgery in 2016. His expertise covers all areas of General Practice from children's health to geriatrics and everything in-between, with particular interest in chronic conditions like asthma, diabetes and chronic wounds. He aims to further develop his skills in these areas.

Outside of medicine, Wilson is a most avid fan of basketball and all things food related.

doctoreDr Choon Ng


Dr Choon Ng graduated from University of Melbourne in 1997 and completed his Fellowship of the Australian Royal College of General Practitioners in 2005. He joined the Greensborough Clinic in 2005 and continues to find his work both challenging and rewarding especially in the area of mental health. Outside of the work, he has interest in photography and travel.

doctoreDr Danica Wong


Dr Danica Wong completed her studies in Medicine at the University of Melbourne, and graduated in 2001. Her hospital training was through the Austin Hospital and the Northern Hospital. She has always enjoyed working with people and the various challenges in general medicine thus pursued a path in General Practice. She has a particular interest in Women’s health and Paediatric medicine.

In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her family. She especially enjoys activities with her two daughters.

Dr Wong is a RACGP accredited supervisor and college fellowship examiner. She is the principal EVGPT supervisor for the clinic.

doctoreDr Mia Sovers


Dr Mia Sovers graduated from Melbourne University in 1977. She has been at Greensborough Road Surgery since 1987 and enjoys general medicine. Over the years Mia has established a holistic care approach with her patients and their families.

Dr Amy Sinclair-Thomson


Dr Amy Sinclair-Thomson graduated from Medicine at Monash University in 2009 and went on to work in a variety of medical areas in hospitals. During this time she completed additional training in women's health and obtained a Diploma in Obstetrics and Gynaecology. She then decided General Practice was were her passion lay, caring for patients through all stages of life. She completed her Fellowship in General Practice and has now been working at Greensborough Road Surgery since 2016.

Dr Amy Sinclair-Thomson has a special interest in paediatrics and women's health and is a shared antenatal care provider, but she enjoys all facets of medicine and the variety that an average day in General Practice provides.

Outside of medicine Amy loves all things performance and spends her time teaching Calisthenics in her local community. Most of all she loves quality time with her son.

Dr Denise Bullen


Dr Denise Bullen joined our team in 2018. She graduated from Monash University and completed her hospital training through Monash Hospital. Denise enjoys working with people and has particular interests in family medicine and skin cancer medicine.

In her spare time, Denise enjoys gardening and spending time with her three children.

Dr Annu Raty


Dr Annu Raty graduated from Monash University in 2008 and obtained her fellowship in general Practice in 2015. She loves all things general practice but especially enjoys the continuity of care she is able to provide her regular patients. She has a special interest in women's health and travel medicine, as well as chronic disease and preventative medicine.

In her free time Annu enjoys pretending to be a barista and drinking nice coffee (mostly lukewarm thanks to her 3 busy kids). She also loves being crafty and sewing clothing and accessories for her children, friends and family.

Dr Melissa Garbutt


Dr Melissa Garbutt grew up in Greensborough and is happy to now be working in the same community. Dr Garbutt has worked in General Practice since 2006 and completed her Fellowship in 2008. Melissa loves helping people of all ages and prides herself on being a caring and diligent Doctor. She particularly enjoys relating to her patients and working with them to achieve their best health outcomes.

Dr Garbutt is an Antenatal shared care provider. She has an interest in clinical education and is an RACGP accredited GP Supervisor. She is also a College Fellowship Examiner.

Dr Garbutt graduated from Medicine at University of Melbourne in 2002. After working at Austin and Northern Hospitals, she then completed her Diploma of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at Mercy Hospital for Women. She has also worked in IVF Medicine after developing a special interest in fertility medicine.

Outside work, Melissa enjoys spending time with her young family including trips to the Zoo and all things Lego. She also enjoys playing for her local tennis club.