About Us

Greensborough Road Surgery has been servicing the local community since 1985.  Watsonia Road Medical Centre, a new purpose-built clinic opened in 2019 to cater for the growing needs of our patients.  The independent healthcare providers who work at these sites have always endeavoured to provide the highest quality of service with professionalism and compassion.  With the wide range of special areas of interest, expertise and skills among the medical staff at the two clinics, you will find all your healthcare needs will be well managed.  All the staff believe in holistic management of each individual, encompassing mental, physical and emotional health.

Patients from all age groups from a diversity of backgrounds are welcome to attend.  All the independent healthcare providers and staff participate in ongoing education to provide the best evidence base, up-to-date health advice and management.  Both clinics are RACGP accredited teaching practices which are involved in the ongoing education of the next generation of doctors and medical staff.

New and existing patients are welcome to visit us at either clinic.  The independent healthcare providers and staff of both clinics continue to provide the trustworthy, reliable and friendly medical service we have always been proud of.


Our Values

  • Foster an organisational culture of respect, support, education, teamwork and open communication between patients and all involved at Greensborough Road Surgery.
  • Strive to achieve best practice standards and continuous improvement in all aspects of patient care.
  • Provide patient-centred care, taking into account the psychosocial, spiritual and physical needs of each individual.
  • To maintain professional standards of confidentiality of all information pertaining to patients.
  • To allow all patients appropriate access to medical treatment in both location and time
  • To form a team of staff and independent healthcare providers with different expertise in order to provide a range of services that can be expected in primary health care
  • Maintain ongoing education and professional support to health care providers at Greensborough Road Surgery and Watsonia Road Medical Centre


Greensborough Road Surgery​
520 Greensborough Road, Greensborough VIC 3088​​
Watsonia Road Medical Centre​
19 Watsonia Road, Watsonia VIC 3087​