Greensborough Road Surgery and Watsonia Road Medical Centre are not Bulk Billing Practices.

Recommended Fee Schedule from 13th November 2023 – Face-to-face / Telehealth Standard Consultation



Reduced Rate 1
(Healthcare card, patients 13-16yo)

Reduced Rate 2
 (Non-aged pensioners)

Medicare Refund

Monday to Friday (8am-5pm)





Out of Pocket









Out of Pocket




There will be a higher fee for longer and more complex consultations.

Veteran affairs, Aged Pension Card Holders and patients under 13 years old 
Bulk billed between 8.00am and 4.59pm Monday to Friday for standard consultations (item 23) only.  Private fees apply for longer consultations, complex consultations and/or procedures.  The doctors at the clinic work independently and set their own fees on non standard consultations.

New Patients

All new patients require a long face-to-face consultation for their initial appointment.

There may be a pre-payment of $90 (Medicare rebate of $41.40) at least 24 hours prior to appointment time to confirm the appointment.
This pre-payment will go towards your first consultation.
Please note there may be an extra charge depending on the length of the consultation.

Other Fees
Please check with administration staff when booking a non-standard consultation for fees.

If an account is not paid on the day an additional fee of $20 is incurred. This fee is waived if the account is paid within two weeks. If an account is not paid within four months $90 will be charged. If an appointment is missed there is also a non-attendance fee of $90, to avoid this fee please notify us three hours prior to your appointment time if you are unable to attend

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